Houston police said a loved one looking for a missing person discovered a body in a pond at the Hermann Park Golf Course on Sunday night.

Police said the person found in the pond was reported missing on Wednesday, March 15.

Loved ones were retracing the person’s last known whereabouts for the last few days when their search reportedly led them to the golf course at 2100 N. MacGregor Way.

HPD said a family member noticed something unusual in the pond and called police around 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

Dive teams pulled the body from the pond after the discovery was made.

“The Houston Fire Department responded to the scene. They were able to identify that it was a human body,” Lt. J.P. Horelica said. “At that time, the Houston Police Department’s dive team, along with the medical examiner’s office, made the scene and conducted their investigation and recovery.”

Now, police are investigating what led up to the person’s death and if any foul play is suspected.

“At this time, it is uncertain the circumstances surrounding the events,” Horelica said. “All we know is the individual was listed as missing Wednesday the 15th and was found this evening at the pond here at the park.”

Reporters called HPD for an update on the case. Officials said they are waiting for the medical examiner’s officer to confirm the identity of the body found and the cause of death.

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