Houston Police are looking for two men caught on camera robbing a trendy Washington Avenue sushi restaurant on Sunday.

The Blue Fish restaurant’s surveillance video shows the men attacking employees and threatening a young family at gunpoint at about 3:30 p.m.

“It hurt. When I saw the little kid on the floor, it broke my heart, you know,” General Manager Kiet Huynh said. “The good thing is that nobody got hurt.”

The video shows the robbers forcing employees to the ground. One employee was forced to open the safe, holding a gun to her head and slapping her.

Huynh said the robbers got away with about $3,000 in cash and belongings.

“It’s horrible. People come here to enjoy having lunch with their families and they got robbed. It’s ridiculous,” Huynh said. “People work hard for their money and my employees, too.”

If you recognize the two men, contact Houston Police.

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