Some Houston-area residents are without power as southeast Texas experiences a deep freeze.

According to CenterPoint Energy’s outage tracker, 3,717 Houston-area customers are without power as of 11:40 a.m.

The outage areas are spread out across the Houston area, with over 900 of the reported customers without power in the Galveston area.

It’s unclear if the outages are linked to Texas’ power grid conditions.

For the second day in a row, the state’s power grid is urging Texans to conserve power.

ERCOT said grid conditions could get tight because of the extreme cold.

ERCOT’s online tracker showed that grid conditions were in the yellow early Tuesday morning, which means it was experiencing some strain.

By the time the conservation appeal expired at 9 a.m., conditions were back in the green, and the grid was operating at normal conditions.

Reporters asked the CEO of ERCOT why we’re still seeing conservation notices when the grid is an issue that Texans have asked the state to address for years.

“We’re seeing, you know, people who move to the state and businesses move to the state. But with that comes a significant demand on infrastructure, including electric infrastructure,” CEO Pablo Vegas said. “So, we’re working hard to keep up with that growth, making sure that we can meet all those expectations. But it is not unusual during a really extreme weather event like this.”

If you experience a power outage, ERCOT says it should be short-lived.

Vegas said they’ve been working with transmission utility companies over the last couple of years to make sure that they can roll outages so that no one is without electricity for too long.

Officials expect us to hit an all-time winter record again on Tuesday for power demand. The ERCOT Weather Watch remains in effect through January 17.

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