A brave 11-year-old managed to break through a window Friday morning after an apartment caught fire in the Clear Lake area.

Houston Fire Department officials said it happened at about 6:30 a.m. on Pineloch near Galveston Road near Webster.

Crews put out the fire coming from the first and second floor of the apartment building, HFD said.

Power reportedly shut off in the building, but crews were trying to get it back on.

At least four families were impacted by the fire, including 11-year-old Khy’air McWherter, who firefighters said happened to free himself of the building when he saw smoke.

“I just thought there was nowhere else to go and let me break through the window,” McWherter recalled.

Two firefighters were taken to the hospital along with Khy’air, who had minor cuts after busting through an apartment window, officials said. They are all doing OK.

“I woke up, and I smelled something – it smelled like a candle. So I opened the door, and I saw a massive fire,” Khy’air said. “Then I broke through the window, and someone came to help me get out of it.”

The Red Cross is trying to find shelter for all the families impacted.

“It’s just with the cold snap coming, and it is bad during the holiday season, that’s why we’re trying to get Red Cross out here and take care of the families,” HFD Deputy Chief James Pennington explained.

It’s unclear what started the fire, but police and arson investigators were on the scene looking into the cause.

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