The Houston police officer accused of shooting his wife in the face told authorities it was an accident that happened while someone was breaking into the couple’s apartment. Police don’t believe that story.

Galib Chowdhury appeared in court late Monday night. He stood in a jail jumpsuit as he listened to court officials detail the case against him.

Officials say angry text messages sent by Chowdhury to his wife, Sadaf Iqbal, the night of the shooting and evidence in the couple’s apartment lead them to believe this was no accident.

Police say Chowdhury told them someone broke into the apartment, and as he fired at the suspect, his wife got in the way.

Officers however say they found no signs of a break-in. When police looked at his wife’s phone, they claim to have seen several angry messages sent to Iqbal earlier in the night.

A pile of clothes on hangers were also found on the apartment floor with and a suitcase nearby, according to police. Officers say they also saw an AR-15 on the apartment floor.

The injuries to Iqbal were very serious, court officials said.

“The complainant was shot in the eyeball, right eyeball and a cheek bone fracture, and multiple fractures to her hand and fingers. Officers determined that the crime scene did not match the description of what allegedly happened,” they said.

Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner told reporters that Chowdhury is no longer on the force.

His bond was set at $125,000. The court issued a protective order in which Chowdhury cannot go within 200 feet of his wife.

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