The 17-year-old, who was killed at a northwest Harris County home on Monday, tried to play a joke on his friend who ultimately shot him to death, according to court documents read aloud on Tuesday.

Reginald Smalls, 17, is charged with manslaughter in the killing of Dominique McCoy on Labor Day morning.

Officials said McCoy was visiting a home in the 4300 block of Stuebner Hill Drive.

A judge said during probable cause court on Tuesday afternoon that McCoy was hiding in the bathroom of the home and jumped out to scare Smalls in a joking way. Smalls shot and killed his friend allegedly as a reaction.

According to the judge, Smalls does not have any prior criminal history, including as a juvenile. Still, she said his bond should be set high.

“Based upon the very dangerous nature of a 17-year-old being in possession of a firearm, the court will find a high bond is necessary in order to ensure community safety,” the judge said.

During probable cause court, she set bond at $100,000 on the manslaughter case. Smalls was not present for the hearing. He was in the mental health unit for an unspecified reason.

In total, Smalls’ bond is $150,000, which includes a charge of assaulting a public servant that he has picked up since being arrested.

Court records show he hit and threw a detention officer to the ground who was trying to stop him from tampering with a camera inside a jail cell.

The judge ordered the 17-year-old to be on house arrest with an ankle monitor if he posts bond.

Lekedrick Bowden Jr., another friend present when McCoy died, was charged with tampering with evidence in the case. According to court records, he tried to hide the gun used in the crime. Bowden has already posted bond.

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