Police are searching for an armed suspect they say got away after shooting three men in southeast Houston.

Houston police described a dangerous scene with bullets flying through a busy parking lot at an apartment complex at 5017 Mallow Street.

Investigators said it all started around 10 p.m. Wednesday when the three men saw the suspect start arguing with his girlfriend. The suspect reportedly hit his girlfriend, and the victims tried to break up the fight.

That’s when police said the suspect ran to his car and got a gun.

Video from the scene shows the three victims — ages 17, 24, and 55 — being loaded into ambulances. One was shot in the stomach, one was shot in the arm, and one was shot in the hand, according to HPD.

Police said the three victims are related to each other. They’re all expected to be OK.

“There were two brothers and an uncle. At that point, the suspect began shooting. There are about 10 rounds out here. Three of them were struck,” Lt. Ignacio Izaguirre said.

Investigators said there were children in the apartment complex’s courtyard, but thankfully, none of them were hurt.

The suspect got away in a burgundy SUV, according to police.

The area where the shooting happened has some of the highest crime rates in Houston.

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