A 13-year-old was found riding in a car during a parking lot takeover Saturday night, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The person driving was among the multiple people arrested.

The individual was charged with child endangerment, authorities said.

At least 200 vehicles were involved in the takeover in the 7500 block of Bellaire.

A total of three arrests were made between the Houston Police Department and the sheriff’s office.

According to police, street takeovers usually start in a parking lot before spilling over into the streets.

People has reported on other street takeovers. In 2022, we spoke with Lynn Nguyen of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, who explained what a takeover is.

“A street takeover group is basically a group of people who come together and plan and host an event in a parking lot or out in the streets of Harris County,” Nguyen said. “They will perform deadly stunts in a pit they create using vehicles. A lot of crimes occur besides the deadly conduct. There’s drugs, all kind of different offenses that arise.”

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