Mayor Pro-Tem Member Dave Martin announced on Sunday the arrest of three suspects in connection to the 24 businesses that were burglarized and vandalized last weekend in Kingwood.

Kingwood investigators were able to get sufficient evidence for charges after the arrests, authorities said.

“Two of our Kingwood HPD officers were successful in getting confessions directly related to the break-ins in Kingwood. The commander of the Kingwood Division was also successful in getting good information from these criminals, which will be passed on to the businesses impacted,” Martin said.

The break-ins occurred early last Saturday morning. Business owners told reporters they caught the suspects begin the break-ins at 4:30 a.m., with some happening around 6:00 a.m.

There were 24 businesses that were broken into, according to Houston police. Some shops had cash taken, and others just had a broken door.

Officers initially were only aware of one break-in. A spokesperson told reporters that only a single store had an alarm permit which alerted HPD when the glass broke.

Officers told reporters that they’re working to educate owners in the area about getting an alarm system and installing cameras, and improving outside lighting.

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