Houston ISD announced on Tuesday that 845 teachers were hired under the “New Education System,” or NES, schools across the district.

The district says there are only 65 vacancies left on those campuses.

The hiring spree is a part of new Superintendent Mike Miles’ plan to reshape the district.

Miles was appointed to the position as part of the Texas Education Agency’s takeover of HISD.

Reporters spoke with one educator hired under the new program on Monday before the district made its announcement on Tuesday. Kris Adams, hired at Sugar Grove Academy, said she was promised close to $100,000 a year. There are also no guarantees on how these long salary increases will last.

It’s been reported that NES teachers will be paid more, but curriculum and lesson plans will be standardized.

Reporters have asked for weeks about the hiring and firing numbers at the district. There are still questions about the amount of money these teachers and others across the district will make in this coming school year.

The district tweeted the news at about 4:30 p.m., saying the hundreds of “highly skilled” educators were hired in time, ahead of the first day of school.

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