Police are searching for a man they say shot a driver before taking off on a bicycle after an argument near the Spring Branch area.

The shooting happened around 10:40 p.m. Wednesday in the 8100 block of Long Point Road near Wirt Road.

Now, investigators are working to figure out if the shooting was a random attack.

The shooting happened in a busy area. Houston police said they are reviewing surveillance video from the businesses nearby.

When HPD arrived, they found a man dead in his truck with a gunshot wound.

Investigators said the driver got into a fight with a man in a post office parking lot. The argument escalated into a shooting and then, the suspect took off on a bicycle, police said.

At this point, police said they don’t know if the two men knew each other, or even what their argument was about.

“The individual on foot shot at the individual in the truck and unfortunately, that individual lost their life tonight,” Det. Stephens said.

Police said the man tried to drive away after he was shot and crashed into a telephone pole.

The suspect is described only as a taller man who was wearing a white T-shirt.

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