You don’t see this every day. Then again, we are in Houston, so there likely isn’t much that comes as a surprise on these freeways.

On Thursday morning, a boat in the middle of the Eastex Freeway inbound at Hopper became the latest disruption, blocking several lanes and the left shoulder.

The boat was towed at about 7 a.m., but anyone coming from areas including Humble and Kingwood was left to deal with the aftermath of backups.

In fact at one point, backups stretched past the Beltway.

Helicopter reporter Tammy Rose determined using the technology in SkyEye that speeds were below 20 mph, with the feeder road also coming to a crawl.

Although the incident has cleared, you may want to consider taking an alternate route such as I-45 or Hirsch Road.

Whatever you choose to do, plan accordingly so this doesn’t sink your commute.

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