A Bellaire homeowner whose place is under construction may have avoided a costly loss when police say a work site surveillance camera caught an accused burglar in the act.

It turns out the 46-year-old, who is seen in photos posted to the Bellaire Police Department Facebook page on Monday, was in handcuffs about two weeks prior, accused of trying to steal metal for profit.

Caught in the act, caught on camera

To set the stage for this story of vigilance, Bellaire PD offered a word-for-word testimonial from the homeowner.

“Shout out to our wonderful Bellaire Police and Fire Departments for their fast response. Last night around 11:00 pm (Sunday) our cameras detected a person in our new construction. BPD showed right away and found the burglar hiding in the attic and arrested him. We can’t thank you enough!!!” the post caption read.

The photos show a man up the higher rungs of a ladder on a second floor just underneath a hole in the ceiling. The man is seen reacting to two uniformed officers going up a staircase and pointing flashlights at the man. The photo also shows notable work in progress.

Another photo simply shows someone with hands behind his back in handcuffs, being led away out of what appears to be the garage.

Police told reporters that the man, whom they identified as 46-year-old Ruben Guevara, was likely not squatting. They said burglary tools that likely 

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