Thanks to this summer’s lack of rain and extreme heat, more areas across Houston are issuing outdoor burn bans.

Montgomery County is the latest county to enact a burn ban after commissioners court adopted it on Aug. 1.

“Burning on commercial property is prohibited at all times and the burning of land clearing debris is prohibited unless it complies with state air quality regulations and is permitted through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality,” the county’s office of homeland security and emergency management tweeted.

Violators could face fines of up to $500 per each occurrence and may face additional penalties if the burning violates state air quality regulations or causes injuries or property damage.

Galveston County issued its burn ban on July 24 after the Texas Forest Service determined drought conditions exist in the area. Officials want to remind people that the county includes all of the Bolivar Peninsula, from the ferry landing up to High Island.

In most areas, the burn ban means no outdoor grilling, trash burning, campfires and fireworks.

As of about two weeks ago, burn bans had been issued in Polk, Liberty, Wharton and Colorado counties.

Outdoor cigarette and cigar smoking is prohibited in Colorado County unless the ashes are deposited into a receptacle known to extinguish combustion.

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