A pile of belongings in Kingwood had neighbors frustrated and wanting answers, so homeowners reached out to Action 13 about the contents of a woman’s home being dumped onto her front lawn, and no one picking them up until Thursday.

Reporters was at the scene of the yard at a home in the North Kingwood Forest subdivision that was finally being cleaned up. It was a pile of mystery for people who live in the area for the past seven days. One day they saw their middle-aged neighbor, and the next day, they didn’t. Her family told us she died, and her things were discarded in a disrespectful way.

“I’m hoping that maybe her family can get some answers,” Leslee Fontenette, a neighbor said.

For a week, folks in the North Kingwood Forest neighborhood have driven or walked by the pile of trash.

One neighbor said she sent an email to Houston’s Disaster Relief Team asking why the pile was there and when somebody was going to clean it up.

The Homeowners Association group that manages the neighborhood, Sterling Associates, told ABC13 they couldn’t give specifics on a homeowner’s house or any issue involving them. We confirmed that the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office made contact with the homeowner last week, and the person who owns the home now is responsible for any cleanup.

The woman’s family spoke to a reporter over the phone on Thursday, and out of respect of their wishes, we are not giving specifics on what happened to their mother. We can confirm that she died.

The family echoed how some neighbors feel. They said she deserved better than to have her things tossed to the side. Up until the cleanup started Thursday, neighbors sounded off online.

“Facebook, neighborhood pages. Just what happened, why would they do this to her? Why didn’t she get help? Why didn’t someone clean it up?” Fontenette said.

Harris County is technically the jurisdiction, but the Montgomery County line is down the street. Houston Police Department responds to criminal matters in this area.

Neighbors said that is why they didn’t know who to reach out to. As for the woman’s family, they don’t live in Texas but were happy to know their mother’s things were finally picked up.

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