Parents at Oak Ridge High School said they want more action and communication from Conroe ISD after they reported two violent attacks between students last week.

Complaint documents show at least one person has been charged in the first incident for allegedly stabbing a student in the head.

Maria Gonzalez said she received a phone call from school administrators last Tuesday, informing her that they were taking her son to the emergency room.

“I send my son to school thinking he’s safe. Then they call me to tell me he was stabbed in the head?” Gonzalez said emotionally.

In an email sent to parents dated Oct. 31, the principal of Oak Ridge High School wrote several “students were involved in an altercation in one of the school bathrooms with one student sustaining non-life-threatening lacerations.”

Gonzalez told reporters her son was the victim of that attack and described what he told her about the incident. He claimed he did not know or have any prior interactions with the students who targeted him.

“There’s two individuals that rushed in there and started attacking him. One grabbed him, and the other one was hitting him, like trying to stab him. He said it wasn’t with a knife because it didn’t have that metal piece, but something like a shank,” she said.

The mother said her son ended up with multiple injuries, including a deep cut in the head, a fractured nose, a busted lip, and a damaged tooth. She shared that he’s now at home recovering, but she doesn’t feel comfortable letting him go back to school.

Complaint documents show Jose Antonio Rodriguez III, 18, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in this case.

On Nov. 3, Oak Ridge High School sent out a second letter to parents stating there was “another student altercation on campus” and “the individuals involved have been detained.”

Another parent, who asked to have her identity concealed due to fear of retaliation, said her daughter is afraid to go back to school or even use the bathroom.

“There is fear and concern. There’s also a level of anger and betrayal because she feels as though the school, administrators, and powers that be are not doing anything. They’re not taking it seriously,” the parent said. “These kids are terrified to go to the bathroom. They’re not going all day long, because they don’t feel safe.”

District officials said Conroe ISD police investigated the matters and are addressing the incidents in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and Texas law.

“Although this event was isolated to a few students, it is imperative that all students understand acts of physical violence will not be tolerated on our campus. Actions such as this can result in time at the Juvenile Detention center and legal charges,” according to the district’s letter to parents.

Gonzalez said no school officials have checked in with her family since the incident, and she fears nothing will be done to improve student safety. She told reporters she’s considering transferring her son to a different school.

“What is going on at school? Why isn’t there any security? Why aren’t they even getting metal detectors? All I want is justice for my kid. He shouldn’t have to go to school, fearing anybody is just gonna attack him. That’s just not fair,” she said.

Conroe ISD did not respond to inquiries about what’s being done to improve student safety at Oak Ridge High School following last week’s incidents.

Students and staff who want to report potential threats are encouraged to contact campus administration or make a report any time by calling CISD’s KidChat hotline at 1-888-KID-CHAT (543-2428) or through their Anonymous Alerts app.

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