It has been a hot and humid week, and some Houstonians have embraced the steamy temps.

“We went to the Pride Ride and got really hot, and we’ve never been here. We’re from Friendswood, so we came to the splash pad to get all wet,” Nikkie Tobias said.

But others are doing everything they can to avoid it.

“It’s hot, I couldn’t even go in the pool,” Layla King said.

With temps topping out in the mid-’90s and a feels-like temperature in the low 100s, the ever-increasing heat had a dotting grandma making this downtown trip a weekly occurrence.

“You can cool off and have fun, and it’s a great way to get out of the house,” Sylvia Narvize said.

The county is warning caution. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory through Monday, so the city opened all its libraries, YMCAs, and multi-use spaces to serve as cooling centers.

The centers are entirely free for all to use.

Whether cooling off inside or out in the shade, the Harris County Health Department encourages you to drink water and to check on elderly neighbors and family.

“Be ready for anything,”‘ Narvize said.

The city says all cooling centers will remain open through Sunday on Father’s Day and Juneteenth on Monday.

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