A possibly impaired driver died after crashing head-on with another vehicle at an intersection in east Houston, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The crash was reported at 5:17 a.m. in the 117000 block of Tidwell Road at Valley Forest Drive on a bridge.

The man driving a white Chevy Malibu was either impaired or fatigued going eastbound on Tidwell when he veered into a Chevy Camaro’s lane, according to Lt. Simon Chang.

The 32-year-old man was found dead at the scene while the woman, according to Chang, sustained serious injuries.

“She tried to avoid the wreck, but there was a concrete barrier, so she couldn’t avoid it,” Chang said.

Deputies didn’t see any open containers, but they did find the man’s cell phone in the seat.

“We don’t want to allege he was on his phone but looking into what caused it,” Chang said.

Tidwell Road is shut down between Ticonderoga and John Ralston.

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