A Texas state trooper was hit by a vehicle and ended up pinned in between cars while assisting in a traffic stop involving a possible drunk driver on I-10, according to the Chamber County Sheriff’s Office.

The DPS trooper was taken to a hospital by Life Flight, but the driver who crashed into the officer died, Sheriff Brian Hawthorne confirmed.

It all started when a call came in at about 7 a.m. Tuesday about a suspected drunk driver on the interstate.

A DPS trooper found the suspect, who pulled over in the middle of the eastbound mainlanes of I-10, the sheriff’s office said. That trooper had to move the suspected drunk driver’s vehicle out of the road and into the shoulder.

Then, a deputy showed up to assist. Shortly after, a second DPS trooper pulled in behind the deputy for backup as authorities said the drunk driver was not complying.

As the second trooper was walking to the scene, another vehicle slammed into the trooper’s car, pinning the officer between vehicles, Hawthorne confirmed.

Traffic going eastbound on I-10 has been shut down due to an ongoing investigation. Drivers are being forced off at the FM 563 exit.

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