Witnesses described a horrifying scene on Monday morning that sent two women to the hospital and left one of those victims in critical condition in north Houston.

It all unfolded at about 2 a.m. at a bar parking lot in the 7700 block of Airline Drive near Gurney Lane.

According to police, it started with a man who pulled up to the location and got into an argument with somebody in the parking lot.

The suspect then allegedly started to drive erratically, and in doing so, ran over the two women, then reversed down Airline Drive until he hit a pole and knocked it over. That knocked out power to the area.

“I see the Ford pickup backing up. He hit the transformer,” said neighbor Christopher Castello. “I thought the whole neighborhood was on fire. Disaster.”

Castello described the hit as sounding like an explosion. “Like it was the 4th of July,” he said.

The man tried to run away, but a crowd of people saw what happened.

One of the bystanders chased after the man and started beating him, police said, adding that when officers arrived, everyone scattered.

According to authorities, the bystander punched an officer in the lip. Police used a Taser on him and placed him in custody for the alleged assault on the officer and the suspect.

Both the officer and the suspect are OK, though the latter was also arrested, officials told ABC13.

The women are in the hospital, and one of them is critical.

Police believe the suspect accused of running over the women was intoxicated.

At last check, crews are still working to restore power to the area.

Police said charges are pending for both the suspect and the bystander.

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