A woman kidnapped at gunpoint in Pasadena on Monday morning was later found dead in Houston, according to police.

Investigators in both cities are trying to track down her ex-boyfriend. Witnesses said he forced her into her own SUV, which turned up Monday evening with her body inside of it.

Pasadena police confirmed they were investigating a concrete barrier storage yard in southeast Houston where an SUV with the body was located. Houston police tweeted that they assisted in the investigation at 5200 Cedar Crest, near Mykawa and the South Loop.

Police connected this scene and an aggravated kidnapping disturbance call that came in at 9:51 a.m. at an apartment complex. According to officers, a caller reported seeing a man force a woman into a vehicle at gunpoint in the 3800 block of Red Bluff in Pasadena.

Police added that the woman was found inside the vehicle with a gunshot wound. Her identity was not immediately released.

Her family wasn’t ready to talk about what happened publicly yet, but they confirmed that the woman and her ex shared a child. That child is OK and with family now.

While no arrests have been made, Pasadena police believe the alleged kidnapper and victim were involved in two previous domestic violence cases with the department. Officers in those calls contacted the district attorney’s office to file charges but were not accepted.

“There had been a couple of other reports of disturbances, domestic violence instances, within the last few weeks. So, this was rapidly evolving. Those were still under investigation. Unfortunately, charges hadn’t been accepted yet on any of those cases. So, unfortunately, we are here (Monday),” Pasadena Police Department Sgt. Raul Granados said.

Police are expected to identify the suspect in this situation once the district attorney’s office accepts the charge against him. They believe he is dangerous and may still have a gun.

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