Vicktoria Robles was found shot and killed off El Mundo the day after Mother’s Day in her southside apartment.

According to Houston police, her boyfriend, James Christopher Ochoa, fled to the Austin area with their 1-month-old daughter after Robles was found shot and killed in her Houston apartment Monday morning.

Eric Andrade, Robles’ oldest brother who lives in Brownsville, said he’s upset that the suspect’s family has his newborn niece. He said it’s a decision that his little sister would not have wanted.

“She (the niece) is the only surviving part of my sister,” said Andrade. “I need to find some kind of remedy to this.”

According to Houston Police, Ochoa, 33, surrendered to Cedar Park Police Monday and confessed to Robles’ murder.

Andrade says Ochoa’s mother called him from Georgetown saying the baby girl is in their care.

“The route this case should be going is bringing justice to my sister who was brutally slain by her boyfriend, friend, partner, whatever he is, and bringing that baby into safe arms,” Andrade said.

Court records show Ochoa was previously charged in September with assaulting Robles while she was pregnant.

“She called me crying in the middle of the night. I did not know what incident had occurred. I didn’t know she had gotten beaten while she was pregnant,” Andrade said.

In February, the case went before a grand jury, but charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence, so Ochoa could not be formally charged.

Reporters reached out to Child Protective Services in Austin about the placement of the child and how that is determined.

Shari Pulliam said in a statement, “CPI (Child Protective Investigation) will coordinate with law enforcement in Houston on the case.”

As for Robles’ only child, Andrade believes the newborn should be with him in Brownsville.

“Considering the circumstances of the brutality of this crime, I feel that this baby should be placed with somebody in a neutral position, which is us,” said Andrade. “Very far away from the suspect’s family.”

Reporters also reached out to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to determine if charges have been filed against Ochoa in Robles’ murder.

“We have been in touch with the victim’s family to ensure they know we will help them in any way we can, and that most especially includes seeking justice for Vicktoria Robles. The defendant has been charged with her murder and the case is being handled by the specialized prosecutors of our Domestic Violence Division,” a district attorney’s representative said.

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