A high-end EF1 tornado hit Baytown on Tuesday with wind gusts of an estimated 110 mph, the National Weather Service said on Thursday.

The Enhanced Fujita Scale, or EF Scale, assigns tornadoes a ‘rating’ based on estimated wind speeds and related damage.

It describes an EF1 as having winds between 86-110 mph and causing moderate damage, though roofs might be severely stripped, mobile homes overturned or badly damaged, and windows or other glass broken.

In Baytown, some residents lost power and are now picking up the pieces of what’s left of their belongings.

The video above is from a report on the tornado damage in Baytown.

According to the Baytown Office of Emergency Management, about 30 homes were damaged by the twister with most of the damage reported on Weaver Street. There, three homes were destroyed, two homes have major damage, and 13 homes were impacted to a smaller degree.

On nearby Foster Street, one home had major damage and three homes had minor damage.

Other impacted areas include:

  • Shreck and Bayway
  • Wood and Bayway
  • Lakewood and Bayway
  • Hunt and Garth – behind HEB
  • West Cedar Bayou Lynchburg
  • Crestmont
  • Vae Road
  • Louise
  • Lillian
  • North Main and I-10

If you have damage to your home, you can report that using this online tool.

If you need disaster relief, Faith Family Church of Baytown and Christian Alliance are providing volunteers for clean-up. The Red Cross is also providing a $500 voucher to those impacted.

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