While many state and local leaders have been waiting for the Texas Education Agency’s decision, some Houston ISD parents had no idea what was happening but had a message for new future leaders.

State education leaders said when students return from spring break, nothing will look different. Teachers will still be there, as well as the superintendent and school board.

By the next school year, though, it could be different after the TEA decided to take over with a new superintendent and managers.

“I can’t believe it,” parent Stephanie Arizmendi said. “I’m in shock. I was looking forward to them not taking over, but hearing this is just really shocking.”

“It’s like a win-lose, lose-win situation,” parent Shari Cooper said.

“I would hope they make the best decisions for us and overall for our students and our teachers with what’s going on in the school board,” parent Brittanee Jones said.

The TEA’s decision generated a lot of reaction, mostly from education and political leaders, but it didn’t generate much buzz from parents ABC13 talked to.

“I’ve seen some posts about it on your guy’s Instagram, but I haven’t really paid attention,” Maria Lopez, who has family members enrolled in HISD, said.

“I don’t know,” Cooper said. “I really don’t know. You’re going to have to elaborate (on) that.”

If you’re a parent, here’s what you need to know. The takeover doesn’t mean your student’s teacher is leaving.

This is about who runs the district, and there will most likely be a new superintendent.

There will also be a board of managers appointed instead of elected. This, however, may not last forever.

State leaders said they plan to turn control over to the board of trustees as soon as possible. No matter who’s in charge, parents want the same thing.

“Our kids need a great education,” Arimendi explained. “They need parents to be able to have a say in what they want. Just go nicely, I guess.”

“(As) long as whatever it is, my child gets the best education,” parent Katrina Belo said. “Whoever’s in charge – just make sure that’s the priority. That’s all that matters.”

The TEA knows parents may have questions about what’s about to happen. This is why it has planned four information sessions this month, with the first taking place next Tuesday.

The state is still working out where and what time those will take place.

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