Changes have continued at the Houston Independent School District since the state’s takeover as it gets closer to school starting in the fall.

On Wednesday, HISD Superintendent Mike Miles announced staff transitions to three Houston-area high schools.

The newly-appointed superintendent reassigned principals at Jack Yates, Worthing, and Sharpstown high schools.

Miles said he informed the principals directly and sent a letter to each school community Wednesday morning.

“My leadership team and I reviewed existing plans for the future of these schools and determined that new leadership was necessary to drive the kind of improvement these high schools need to start preparing their students and graduates well for the workplace and world that waits for them after high school,” Miles said in a statement.

Miles added that the new principals will be able to fill existing vacancies, but there will not be any further staff transitions on these campuses.

This comes after the district released the official list of New Education System (NES) campuses Tuesday. It’s part of Miles’ incentive program to shift how they teach students.

There are 57 total, including 36 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and nine high schools. There are also two kindergarten through eighth-grade campuses.

“We will have the people and the structure we need to fulfill the goals,” Miles said on July 7. “So one of the big goals is NES, and one of the big goals is curriculum design, preparing the lessons. And so the Chief Academic Officer Kristen Hole has developed an org chart and structure that will accomplish the goals of the district, so we’ll be able to do it with the people that we have.”

Teachers at those schools will earn high salaries, according to HISD, and get special training at the start of August.

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