A Houston ISD teacher is voicing her opinion on the Texas Education Agency taking over the district and how it will impact her job in the classroom.

Holly Beery has been a kindergarten teacher for five years. The district is on spring breaking, and instead of relaxing, many are stressing out.

TEA commissioner Mike Morath says the changes won’t happen overnight, but applications are already being accepted for a nine-person board of members.

Those members will be appointed by Morath and will have the same authority as the school board

Our ABC13 Investigates obtained HISD’s most recent conservator’s report, which essentially is a progress report for how the district is performing.

Despite low per-pupil spending compared to other states, it shows the district is on track to improve overall scores for math and reading, as well as the percent of students deemed career and college ready.

But, the district is behind when it comes to ensuring every campus has a targeted improvement plan. The report also says there’s a lack of synergy and teamwork between the superintendent and the board.

One of Beery’s biggest concerns is whether quality employees will stick around through all the changes or find a new place to work.

“I think it’s a big push-out technique having the TEA take over. I think it can really push out quality educators and professionals. I do worry about the future because HISD wants to retain their quality educators,” Beery said.

There’s no telling how long the TEA takeover will last. Morath says the goal is not to disrupt HISD but work together to create better structures of support to help students succeed.

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