A man who is serving six life sentences connected to Houston’s infamous Candyman murders will not be considered for release after requesting to be freed for medical reasons.

Elmer Wayne Henley made headlines around the world in 1973 when he killed Dean Corll and led police to the bodies of almost 30 young men and boys.

Henley admitted to taking part in only six of the murders between 1970 and 1973 but was linked to many more, along with a young man named David Brooks.

Henley applied for compassionate release last week and was told he will not be considered for release because of medical reasons at this time.

For privacy reasons, the state will not say what Henley’s medical situation is. He has been reviewed for parole more than 20 times, all of which been denied.

The Candyman Murders are one of the infamous crimes in Houston history and our Jessica Willey spent months digging into the case.

At least 28 victims and countless loved ones left grieving, a dedicated anthropologist who spent years bringing the victims home and the big question nearly 50 years later — are there more bodies out there?

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