A suspect described by Houston police as an aggressive panhandler was shot to death by an officer in Spring Branch East, the department said.

Houston police were called at about 7:53 a.m. Tuesday after reports of a disturbance with a weapon in the 7600 block of Long Point Road.

It all started when the suspect, who was acting aggressively, was bothering citizens and drivers, HPD executive chief Matt Slinkard said.

An officer arrived within a minute of the call and saw the suspect had a flag pole of some kind, which he used to smash a woman’s car windshield, Slinkard said.

As the officer approached the man, that’s when the suspect allegedly whipped out a knife and started coming at the officer. The officer asked for backup, but in that time, Slinkard said the officer discharged his weapon.

It remains unclear how many rounds the 1-year HPD veteran discharged, though Slinkard confirmed at least one round did go into a nearby McDonald’s.

Slinkard said no other officers fired.

The suspect was immediately given first aid and CPR at the scene, but he was pronounced dead by the Houston Fire Department at the scene.

No officers or citizens were hurt, but HPD said it will be interviewing customers at the McDonald’s, and any other witnesses, who may have more information on the incident.

As for the officer who fired his weapon, he has been put on administrative leave as the investigation continues.

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