Two men have been detained after a sergeant said he witnessed shots being fired on the freeway on Wednesday morning.

Houston Police Department told reporters that at about 10:10 a.m., the call came in as an “assist the officer” on Highway 288 northbound near Cleburne.

HPD Sgt. R.C. Gonzalez says he was on the road when he saw a man in a gray Chevy Malibu firing shots across the freeway.

Gonzalez pulled that man over, but while they were stopped, another man in a black Buick pulled up.

In the end, both men wound up being detained.

Gonzalez says he was told that it all started because there was a third man who stole the first man’s car, and as the result, the first man went after the alleged thief and fired those shots.

That person got away.

It’s not immediately known if there will be charges, but Gonzalez said that regardless of if someone truly stole the car, firing shots wasn’t a good choice.

Gonzalez says that in his 29 years on the job, this was the first time he’d seen gunfire while he was driving.

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