Family members of a murdered woman in Houston are raising questions about how long it took police to respond the night she died.

The victim was identified as Robin Simpson. Police said she was stabbed to death by her husband in front of their 8-year-old daughter.

Her family wants to know how long it took the police to show up after she called 911.

Reporters went to the Houston Police Department to get those answers, but officials told us to file a request. Eyewitness News is still awaiting a response.

An officer on scene Wednesday told reporters they entered the home after the couple’s daughter came out and said, “Daddy is stabbing Mommy” – not stabbed, but actively stabbing.

“‘When I knew he couldn’t stab me, Aunty, I ran,'” Michelle Martin, Simpson’s longtime friend, recalled speaking to the girl whom she calls her adopted niece.

HPD responded to the victim’s house at about 4 a.m. She called 911, saying her husband, Michael Simpson Jr., was threatening her and their daughter with a knife.

“He could have just left, and to think that is the last thing my friend saw. She was terrorized to death, literally,'” Martin said.

Police said Robin Simpson died at the scene from stab wounds. Her husband is now charged with murder and aggravated assault for allegedly threatening their daughter, who was in the home at the time.

According to police, Michael Simpson Jr. also stabbed himself and survived. He is out of the hospital and in jail.

Martin wants to know what went down between the time Robin Simpson called the police and when officers actually showed up.

“They got there just in the nick of time to save him. I can’t help but think if they had got there five more minutes or two more minutes sooner, would she have been saved?” Martin asked.

She added that Robin Simpson revealed that her husband began to spiral after losing his job over the summer. He allegedly kept that from his wife, according to Martin.

Last weekend, Martin said Robin Simpson told her he was having suicidal thoughts.

“It wasn’t anything that had gone on during the 12 years of the marriage,” Martin said. “No, no history of physical abuse.”

Robin Simpson was 49 years old and was to turn 50 on Nov. 18. Michael Simpson Jr. is 58.

According to Martin, Robin Simpson was a social worker, a dedicated mother, and a proud Delta sorority member.

In a tragic twist of fate, Martin’s own mother was murdered when she was a child. She said it’s unfathomable to think her friend’s daughter will have to endure the same pain.

Martin said Robin Simpson was her own daughter’s godmother

Martin and others were planning to fly in for a big party to celebrate her 50th birthday.

“We’re still going to give her a birthday party. We’re still going to celebrate her because I firmly believe that is what she would want,” Martin said, adding the victim’s family plans to lay her to rest back at home in Philadelphia.

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