A Humble ISD science teacher is under investigation and won’t be returning after allegations that she had an inappropriate relationship with one of her students surfaced.

According to Shevelyn Williams, the teenage student’s mother, it began when her son was having problems living with his father.

“My son turned to this teacher because he was going through things at home with his father, and she made it seem as though she was someone he can trust,” Williams said during a news conference organized by community activists Quanelle X and Candace Matthews.

“But, instead of being there for him, she got a hotel room. She spent the night with him and started to send him messages. Tell him how much she cared about wanting to be with him. She groomed him,” she said.

Activist Quanell X alleges that the teacher molested the student and demanded she faces criminal charges.

“This teacher needs to be locked up immediately. She preyed upon this child, and that is a disgrace. And we understand that law enforcement confiscated phones. They did get a warrant to retrieve all of the additional messages, but not just messages. Pictures too. She thought she was a porn star,” he said.

In a statement, Humble ISD confirmed the situation but disagreed with elements of Quanell X’s allegations:

Dear Summer Creek Families,

This week, Humble ISD Administration and Humble ISD Police have been investigating a teacher-student relationship. The teacher was promptly placed on administrative leave and has not been allowed on campus since the allegations. Our investigation has involved interviewing the teacher, the student, other school staff members, the student’s family, and the teacher’s family. The investigation found that a teacher paid for a hotel room for a student. While statements differ about what occurred, the teacher’s interaction with the student was inappropriate, unprofessional, and unacceptable. The employee will not be returning to Humble ISD and the conduct will be reported to the State Board for Educator Certification.

Humble ISD works with law enforcement for the safety and well-being of all, and the law enforcement investigation is ongoing. Staff members face criminal charges related to inappropriate relationships. The district has reported the incident to Child Protective Services.

We do not tolerate inappropriate relationships between employees and students.


Brent McDonald


Reporters contacted the teacher at her residence to see if she wanted to share her story. There was no response.

Due to the teacher not being criminally charged, her identity is being withheld.

Meanwhile, Williams said her son is struggling emotionally, but one thing he is not questioning is their decision to speak out.

“He has gone back and forth with this situation. But part of him, he’s like, ‘Mom, just please go and speak on my behalf because I don’t want to regret it one day that I did not speak up.'”

Willams and the community activists also provided text messages and a phone recording they say corroborate their story.

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