A married couple accused of holding a teen girl hostage for a month is not allowed to have any contact with one another.

Jaqueline Macias, 29, and Jose Reyes, 31, are in the Harris County jail charged with aggravated kidnapping.

Sunday night, an 18-year-old girl started knocking on doors on Foxmont Lane looking for help, according to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.

She told constables that she was tied up and held captive in a home on the street for a month by Macias and Reyes. The girl escaped her restraints when the couple left the home Sunday night and she sought help.

Authorities reported she had marks on her hands and legs.

A search warrant was executed at the home in question on Monday, and Precinct 4 said they found a chain with multiple padlocks in the bedroom. They said other items were found that supported the teen’s story.

Macias and Reyes were arrested when they returned home. Following their court appearance on Tuesday, attorneys would not comment on the details of the case.

“Anything that my clients tell me is confidential, of course. But she is presumed innocent unless it’s proven otherwise,” Jedrick Burgos, Macias’ attorney, said.

During a news conference, Constable Mark Herman said that the 18-year-old and Reyes originally met at an unknown location, and she went with him to his home.

“It was not a stranger-on-stranger type of relationship, but these two individuals knew one another very well,” Wilvin Carter, Reyes’ attorney, said.

Reporters have also learned the alleged victim was reported missing to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in 2022 when she was 17. The information said she may have been with a man named “Jose.” A spokesperson told reporters she was found quickly and removed from the missing persons/runaway list.

Macias is being held on a $50,000 bond, and Reyes’ bond is set at $100,000.

During the time that the girl was allegedly being held in the home, Macias had a baby, who is now 2 weeks old. Attorneys said the baby was born prematurely and remains in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

If they post bond, the parents will not be able to see the child at the same time. Their bond conditions order that they have no contact with one another.

Carter said his client does intend to post a bond in the next few weeks.

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