A juvenile charged with aggravated sexual assault against a therapist working in a Harris County juvenile facility is waiting to hear whether or not he’ll be tried as an adult.

The teen, who was detained at the Harris County Leadership Academy, was 15 years old at the time of the incident on July 11, 2021, and will turn 17 years old later this year.

The alleged sexual assault was committed against a woman who left her oil-and-gas job after 20 years to become a therapist in hopes of making a difference in the lives of individuals who needed some direction.

While on the stand Monday, she described being trapped in her office, knocked to the floor, and sexually assaulted.

The suspect is charged with aggravated sexual assault because he allegedly used a piece of workout equipment to get her onto the floor.

The therapist has since left her job, saying the incident took everything away from her such as her ability to trust others.

Her husband spoke to the media following today’s proceedings.

“She was locked in a room, beat up, and raped,” James Haak said. “He also made a threat on her and her family’s life, including mine, if we went forward to press charges or let it be known.”

In addition to justice, Haak hopes the suspect is tried as an adult so the family can have peace of mind that he won’t retaliate against them.

As far as the suspect goes, the Harris County District Attorney’s office says he currently has seven open cases against him, including evading arrest, assault of a peace officer, and the aggravated sexual assault charge.

The Harris County DA’s Office says he’d only be able to serve two years if tried as a juvenile on the aggravated sexual assault charge, but he could face life in prison if tried as an adult.

Both sides will reconvene at the Harris County Juvenile Justice Center Tuesday afternoon for closing arguments.

It is unknown when the judge will make a decision, but it could come as early as the conclusion of Tuesday’s proceedings.

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