An early childhood special education teacher is no longer working for Katy Independent School District after resigning in January 2022 amid shocking allegations.

Investigators have learned that the district was made aware of naked photos and videos that Heather Maguire was taking in her classroom at Robert E. King Elementary School and posting to Reddit.

One was titled “(F)un Friday at school today, shh don’t tell” and was liked more than 3,600 times.

Investigators asked Katy ISD on multiple occasions if children were present in the classroom at the time the photos were taken, if parents were informed of what was going on after the district found out, and if there was a criminal investigation.

They did not answer those questions, but instead put out a statement, “The individual you referenced via email was an employee with the district until January 2022, when she resigned due to a personnel matter unrelated to Katy ISD students.”

In response to a public records request, our team was sent to the district for Maguire’s personnel record and any police reports involving her this year. Katy ISD sent a letter to the attorney general’s office asking whether they could withhold the documentation.

Maguire’s teaching certification was suspended for a year in April, according to records with the Texas Education Association.

Investigators requested a copy of records that led to the decision to suspend her license. The majority of the request was sent to the attorney general’s office in an attempt to not provide the documents. They did send the agreed final order which states there was a complaint filed against Maguire for improper behavior in the classroom and evidence that back the claims. It does not specifically mention the pornographic photos.

Maguire declined to comment.

Similar to how Maguire was able to resign amid claims of improper behavior, now-former Paetow High School football coach Lonnie Teagle resigned during his first season with the team. He is accused of having inappropriate contact with female students. The investigation is ongoing.

“If a teacher resigns in lieu of termination, those get reported to the state board of educator certification, so there is a reporting mechanism in there and the state board is told any time a teacher resigns in lieu of termination, so that should give some ease to folks who wants to know when an employee quits in that,” Katy ISD Superintendent Ken Gregorski said. “I can’t speak personally about any of the situations in Katy.”

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