A 13-year-old’s parents are warning their Katy neighborhood after their son managed to escape a vehicle that followed him on his way to a friend’s house.

Home surveillance video shows Daniel Casino stopping at a friend’s house, hopping off his bike, and running toward the home. Moments later, a car is seen driving up and passing the home where Daniel was hiding. The car stopped for a few moments and then drove away.

Daniel said the vehicle was the same one he spotted at a Shipley’s about a quarter mile away.

“When I saw the car wasn’t parked in a spot, it was just sitting there. The car was on, but no one got out,” the teen said. “I didn’t think a lot of that until I saw the car later on at a different friend’s house.”

Daniel added that he noticed the car was at every stop he made.

“The car was just there,” he said.

Once at his friend’s house, Daniel called his parents.

“When Daniel called me, we had already talked throughout the day, and he told me he needed to talk to me about something,” Daniel’s mom, Susie Casino, said.

Upon hearing what happened, Susie said she urged her son not to leave the house and that she or her husband would pick him up. A police report was immediately filed, and they’re working to find the driver.

Since the incident, the family said they have been on high alert and contacted neighbors to keep an eye open for the vehicle.

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