Authorities arrested a Louisiana man accused of using a GPS tracker to follow a woman to her home in Houston this week.

According to court documents, Ryan Narduansyah, 37, faces a felony stalking charge and had been sending the woman threatening messages before tracking her down.

During a probable cause court hearing, prosecutors said Narduansyah had assaulted the woman numerous times in Louisiana.

A hearing officer said there was an indication that the two were together for four years and had two children, adding that Narduansyah’s actions and behavior toward the woman had been escalating.

Narduansyah had allegedly previously pulled a gun on her in front of their children, threatened to kill her and himself, destroyed belongings, and either threatened to harm or kill small animals.

When she fled to Texas with the children, Narduansyah sent multiple messages to the woman, threatening her again, records say.

That’s when he allegedly tracked her down in Houston, took a picture of her car, and sent it to her to scare her.

Officials said Narduansyah was found near her car with a loaded gun when authorities arrived.

A $50,000 bond was initially set for Narduansyah but lowered to $30,000. It’s unclear why the bond was reduced.

A judge also ordered that a GPS be required if he were to bond out or unless he is released to another agency.

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