A botched breast surgery and an undercover sting at a west Houston plastic surgery center landed a so-called doctor under arrest.

Alexander Padilla, 53, is charged with practicing medicine without a license. He was released from jail after posting his $10,000 bond.

Reporters were present when Padilla walked out of the Harris County Jail overnight. He was still dressed in scrubs since he was arrested while at work.

Padilla stayed silent when asked if he had any comments about his arrest.

Houston police believe Padilla performed plastic surgery without a license and got paid for it at Houston Aesthetic Center on the Katy Freeway near Kirkwood Road.

He was arrested at the surgery center after an undercover sting by officers with HPD’s Major Offenders Division.

The department was working off a tip from the Texas Medical Board (TMB), where the public can easily access license status and disciplinary action for doctors in the state on its website.

According to the TMB, Padilla is not a licensed doctor in Texas.

“That’s a third degree felony that could mean jail time or a fine. It’s a big deal,” said Tracey Fox and Walters attorney Lance Walters, who is not connected to the case.

According to HPD, there are five people who have come forward. One woman who underwent breast surgery at the fourth floor office got an infection and had to have her implants removed, an officer told reporters.

Houston Aesthetic Center boasts an “experienced medical team” on its website, with two other doctors as part of the practice. No one responded to a request for comment.

According to court records, Padilla performed an evaluation on a confidential informant and then said he would be performing surgery. The sting and arrest happened Wednesday night.

Walters encourages people to do their homework on their doctors.

“I want to know who’s going to be cutting on me. I want to know what kind of experience they have, maybe if they are board certified or not. Whether they are involved in any medical malpractice or this one, whether they have a license,” he explained.

HPD says there could be more complainants who have not come forward. They are urged to contact the Major Offenders Division at 713-308-3100.

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