It’s been five years since Jennifer Marie Sanchez disappeared in the middle of the night. Now, with her remains still not found, her husband will spend 50 years in jail for his role in her death, according to court records.

After he was found guilty of murder, Joey Sanchez received his sentence on Monday.

Jennifer Sanchez went missing in 2018 after leaving her north Houston apartment. Previous reports state she was seen at a bar with her estranged husband, Joey, whom she had filed abuse charges against.

They were due in court days later for one of the cases, but she disappeared hours after being at the bar with Joey. While details regarding what happened are still unknown, court documents state the offense was committed on Sept. 9, 2018.

As he sat behind bars, investigators said Joey had not been cooperating.

Despite the sentence, Jennifer Sanchez’s remains’ whereabouts are unknown.

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