A man has been charged after he assaulted his teammate with a lug wrench and threatened him with a deadly weapon after a soccer game back on Aug. 6, charging documents say.

The incident happened in a soccer field parking lot on 11000 South Gessner. According to the victim, while in the game, he lost the ball, upsetting the suspect, whom records identify as 36-year-old Pearse Mbaka.

In the charging documents, the victim stated that the suspect went into a rage and told him, “‘I’m going to (expletive) you up … ‘I’m going to smash your face, so your kids don’t recognize you.'”

The victim stated in documents that he felt threatened and feared for his safety and well-being. After the game ended, he said that he felt a heavy blow to the back of his head as he walked back to his car. He turned around and saw the suspect holding the lug wrench in his left hand and holding a gun with his right hand on his waistband.

From there, the suspect told the victim, “Step to me so I can pop you.”

The victim said he did not engage and said he only wanted medical attention. He suffered an open wound and required stitches to close. He says he is still suffering from headaches since the assault.

Multiple witnesses in the parking lot asked the man why he hit Thompson before leaving the scene in a white BMW.

Documents state that a witness told police that he’d known the suspect for five years. The witness said the suspect is known to have a short fuse and quickly gets upset if he does not get his way. Before the assault, the suspect was given a red card by referees in the game for playing too rough.

The same witness told police in a statement that the suspect went to his car, put his shoes in the trunk, and grabbed the lug wrench before charging the victim.

HPD has said the suspect is not in custody, as of Monday.

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