Houston police have confirmed one person has died in a four-car crash near Airline Village.

The crash happened Sunday evening at the intersection of 101 Canino Road and Airline Drive, police said. The now-deceased victim was driving in a gray car eastbound on Canino Road, and the suspect was driving southbound on Airline Drive.

According to authorities, the suspect, who was driving a silver truck, blew past a red light and struck the victim’s vehicle, t-boning him at the intersection.

Police said the victim wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the car. Then, the vehicle landed on top of him.

According to officials, witnesses at a nearby tire shop rushed to the man’s assistance and used jacks to raise the car, but police said the man died at the scene.

The suspect’s vehicle went into opposite lanes and crashed into a second vehicle which caused a chain-reaction crash with two more vehicles, police said.

Police say the driver

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