Metal detectors could be coming to Houston bars and nightclubs. That’s one proposal from Mayor Sylvester Turner to cut down on crime after two mass shootings last weekend.

In one mass shooting outside of Tabú Restaurant and Lounge on Richmond, six people were injured.

Now the mayor wants to ban guns inside those kinds of establishments with a new ordinance. And that’s not all. It would also require owners to use metal detector wands on patrons.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the city is also discussing plans to aggressively pursue nuisance abatement lawsuits against bars and restaurants that have repeatedly violated city regulations.

The hope is by taking legal action, these businesses will comply.

Reporters learned that Tabú is currently under investigation by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission, which tells us that Tabú currently does not have an active permit to be selling alcohol.

The city attorney tells the Houston Chronicle that the nightclub, which opened in April and was previously called Parma, does not have several required permits for things like fire alarms and selling or serving alcohol.

The Chronicle tried to reach the owner of Tabú but did not hear back.

As for the investigation into the shooting at Tabú, the Houston Police Department is still searching for the gunmen.

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