A two-mile chase along FM-1960 on Friday afternoon led to a crash involving a METRO bus.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirmed deputies began chasing someone around Hardy Toll Road and FM-1960 East. They did not disclose the reason for the chase.

The pursuit appeared to end around FM-1960 and Bammel Westfield Road, which is just west of the I-45 North Freeway.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County further confirmed that one of its buses was hit. METRO originally said at least two people were hurt on the bus, but officials corrected themselves and referred to the two occupants in the suspect vehicle as those injured.

Those two occupants were detained.

None of the 10 passengers riding the bus required hospitalization, METRO said.

Deputies later revealed a third vehicle was involved in the whole ordeal. Eyewitness News was told that the suspects in a Dodge Challenger hit a black Mercedes sedan driven by a woman after making a U-turn. The suspects then hit the bus.

The woman in the Mercedes was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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