We’ve told you about the Houston ISD new reform program under superintendent Mike Miles called the New Education System (NES). At first, 28 schools were selected for the overhaul, but now we’re learning other schools want to get on board with the change.

The NES model is the same system that received pushback and mixed reviews during Miles’ time leading Dallas schools, but he said it’s the way forward. Schools that choose to opt in must do so by Monday, July 10.

The main focus of the change is staffing. Schools will receive information on how many teachers and support staff they are allowed to have, and the changes depend on the individual campus. Miles said in some cases, schools will have opportunities to hire additional staff, while others will have to make cuts.

Those teachers who are cut will have their contracts honored, and if they cannot find an opening, they will be placed at a school by the Texas Education Agency.

Reporters has previously reported there could be as many as 200 jobs cut from the district administrative office to bring pay raises to teachers. Miles also focused on the short timeline to get the new schools on board.

“The timeline is short. One of the reasons we are moving fast is because it’s not fair to change things on teachers or change the staffing model in August. I mean, it’s really tight right now. That’s why we started in June with the NES because we wanted to get those teachers. If we don’t select you for NES, you still have a job, you know now, and we don’t wait till August to tell you,” Miles said.

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