The 18-year-old accused of murdering his grandmother on Tuesday in her Kashmere Gardens home will remain behind bars after appearing before a judge.

Mylon Colquitt was in court Wednesday morning in handcuffs and shackles as the state detailed the allegations against him.

Colquitt is accused of using a tow hook to kill his 66-year-old grandmother Sheila Lewis and is charged with murder for her gruesome death.

Houston police said Colquitt was arrested on that murder charge after officers performed a welfare check on Lewis.

They allegedly found her dead from severe head trauma.

Not long after learning about the killing, family members turned Colquitt in. They said he had Lewis’ cell phone, and they had not been able to reach her.

Lewis’ son said on Tuesday that he was not surprised by what happened, adding that Lewis did everything she could for her grandson even though they warned her that Colquitt was on a destructive path.

“We told her he didn’t need to be here because he didn’t want help. But she had such a soft spot for him, being that it was her first grandchild, so she gave him chance after chance.”

Colquitt was initially given a $750,000 bond, but the state is asking that he be denied bond while his case goes through court.

On June 5, Colquitt was put on deferred adjudication for evading arrest in a motor vehicle before the murder.

The state will present its case for denial of bond next Monday.

Reporters spoke with Kimberly Nwabeke, a prosecutor with the district attorney’s office, who said she wants no bond because the alleged crime was committed while Colquitt was on probation.

“We’re seeing an uptick in these types of crimes. These matters are always serious because there is always this family nexus,” Nwabeke said. “There’s usually a caretaker/caregiver nexus, and unfortunately, these victims are the most vulnerable to abuse.”

Colquitt’s defense attorney, however, says the case is flawed because his family was allowed to question him while he was in an HPD interview room before he was Mirandized.

If Colquitt is granted a bond, he must wear a GPS monitor, remain under house arrest, and cannot have any contact with his family members.

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