Reporters are continuing to monitor the roads for you as temperatures drop.

In southwest Houston, there were reports of an icy road at Bellaire Boulevard near Baneway. This is between Kirkwood and Wilcrest. Houston police said there was a nearby water leak, and some of the water may have frozen on the road. It’s believed that the current condition led to a crash, but no one was transported.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said the city of Houston treated some bridges and overpasses because of the rain earlier in the day on Thursday. Turner said they’d rather be safe than sorry and they don’t anticipate major issues on the road.

In the Galleria area, we saw patches of ice that seemed to have been treated. At around 1 a.m. Friday, reporters saw police block off the area for a bit to try to keep people from wrecking.

If you’re driving out Friday morning, you need to watch out for any standing water, sprinklers that were left on, and pipes that have burst.

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