A 16-year-old was among four drivers arrested for allegedly performing donuts and several other dangerous stunts in what Harris County deputies call a parking lot takeover.

Deputies and Houston police officers responded to the takeover at around midnight Saturday at 12500 City Park in Missouri City.

Passengers were seen sitting on the door outside the window as vehicles performed dangerous donuts in the lot, deputies said.

As authorities arrived, two vehicles started driving off but eventually stopped. One of them being a 16-year-old who was seen doing donuts in the parking lot. He was charged with evading arrest in a motor vehicle and deadly conduct.

Three others were arrested and charged: 23-year-old Jordan Cormier was charged with deadly conduct; 25-year-old Rene Rodrigues was charged with deadly conduct; and 18-year-old Carlos Flores was charged with evading arrest in a motor vehicle.

“We encourage the use of legal racetracks as an alternative to this dangerous conduct in public places,” Maj. Susan Cotter with the sheriff’s office said in a tweet.

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