A pedestrian was killed by a driver who police believe was intoxicated in west Houston.

Houston police officers responded to a deadly crash at 6400 Westheimer Road on Saturday morning.

Two women were crossing the street on Westheimer and Winrock when a pickup truck hit one of the women and attempted to take off, according to police.

Investigators said multiple witnesses stopped the driver and passenger until police arrived at the scene.

“I mean you just blink and your life’s over in an instant. It’s scary for me to think about how that would be if it was me or someone I loved,” Jade Hyland, who works nearby, said.

“I mean just a couple of months ago, I saw the same thing just a few feet up,” Hyland said.

In March, a husband and wife were crossing the street in the 6100 block of Westheimer Road when they were killed by a drunk driver.

Police urge people to use crosswalks, especially on such a busy street as Westheimer Road.

“People jaywalk and people speed really bad on Westheimer. I mean, the speed limit is 35 (mph), and everyone (flies) through the light all the time,” Hyland said.

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