Houston police said they tried several pit maneuvers to stop a pickup truck in a chase they were led on for 30 minutes, but in this case those tricks did not work on the suspected robbers.

The chase started near Little York Road and Shady Lane. It ended at about 1:40 a.m. Saturday at Chrisman and Aldine Mail Route in north Harris County.

Police said the chase started because the truck had been reported stolen out of Conroe and believed to have been used in multiple robberies.

During the chase, video shows officers trying to ram the pickup several times to get it to stop. That is called a pit maneuver. It did not work.

“They did try several pit maneuvers during the car chase. The truck was very heavy. There was a lot of stuff in the back of the truck, so it wasn’t successful,” said Lt. R. Willkens.

Officers said the driver ran after stopping but was caught behind a trailer.

Three people, including a woman, were taken into custody, according to police.

Police said they are looking into whether the suspects fires shots at someone around I-45 and Little York before the chase started.

No one was reported hurt during the chase.

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