Three people are in custody for their alleged involvement in a crime spree targeting rideshare drivers over the past month.

Reporters found at least four robbery cases involving rideshares in June.

According to police, the violent crime spree began on June 2. That’s when Kenneth Kelly is accused of robbing and sexually assaulting an Uber driver.

A week later, police said Lorenzo Jackson and Brian Dorsey allegedly forced a driver to go to an ATM to withdraw cash. They also reportedly got about $1,000 from the driver’s Cash App.

Police said that on June 20, Jackson and Kelley teamed up against a driver. The woman told the suspects she did not have any money, to which the suspects responded by threatening her to go to her home and kill her family, according to documents. At that, the woman was forced to drive to multiple ATMs.

At one point, the woman drove to a store and convinced the suspects she had to go to the restroom, but she never came out. That’s when the suspects took off with her car, records show.

Court records state Jackson was involved in the fourth incident, where a driver was forced to withdraw money from their account.

Investigators have not said where these crimes happened or if they are looking for other suspects.

The latest cases come to light after a rideshare driver was shot and killed in May.

Uber also released the following statement regarding the latest crimes:

“The details of these attacks are distressing, and we continue to be in close touch with law enforcement to support their investigation. The safety of drivers is a top priority, and we’re committed to investing in critical safety features, including an in-app emergency button, GPS tracking on every trip, and the ability for drivers to share their location in real-time with loved ones.”

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