Every thick Saharan dust cloud so far this year has missed Houston, but that all comes to an end Tuesday. You’ll notice the sky turning a hazy gray as the day wears on, and those of you sensitive to these clouds may notice your allergies and asthma flaring up.

A small rain chance is still present despite the arriving dust, but it’s only around 20%. Temperatures will start out in the mid 70s and warm into the upper 90s during the afternoon.

How long will the Saharan dust stick around?

The thickest part of the dust cloud will impact us Wednesday and Thursday, then it will start to thin out on Friday. By the weekend, we should be dust free!

What is the forecast for the weekend?

With less dust in the sky, temperatures will likely climb a degree or two hotter in the afternoons, pushing temperatures back near 100. There’s a less than 20% chance someone could get a sea breeze shower or storm, but don’t count on any rain for your lawn.

What else are you monitoring in the tropics right now?

In addition to the Saharan dust, we’re monitoring two low pressure centers in the Atlantic basin with low chances for development over the next 7 days.

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